ROE #51 Crossroads

The Crossroads program is the result of the Safe Schools Law (PA 89-383) which establishes an alternative educational program serving disruptive youth. It is an open entry and exit program, meaning it has the flexibility to accommodate students who may enter and exit at any given point in time in the educational continuum.

ROE 51 operates one Crossroads site. Sangamon County Safe Schools is located at 2201 Toronto Road in Springfield in the Capitol Area Career Center.

Eligibility includes students currently enrolled in grades 7-12 who meet the criteria established by the Regional Office in conjunction with local schools superintendents such as (but not limited to):

  • Suspended at least twice for a period of 4-10 days for gross misconduct as defined by the Regional Safe Schools Program.
  • Eligible for disciplinary reassignment pursuant to violation of school district “zero tolerance” policies (SB 100).
  • Involved in misconduct that can be demonstrated as serious, repetitive and/or cumulative.
  • Previously remediated at least once by the local school district.
  • The home school is required to provide transportation to and from RSSP programs (Illinois School Code 10:560)

SCLA/Safe Referral Form

Registration is now open for new/returning students who will be attending either

Sangamon County Learning Academy or Crossroads


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