Choice Words

Learning Facilitator: Teresa Kaiser
Choice Words
by Peter H. Johnston

Choose your words wisely!! Become a Choice Words Educator!!  Students experiencing trauma need a 14 to 1 ratio of positive interactions/comments to 1 negative. Learn how to build emotionally and relationally healthy learning classroom.

A quick easy read of eight chapters (97 pages) to explore how talk is our central tool of our trade and how it helps students make sense of learning, literacy, life and themselves. Appropriate for teachers of K-12.

Foreword by Richard Allington
In productive classrooms, teachers don't just teach children skills: they build emotionally and relationally healthy learning communities. Teachers create intellectual environments that produce not only technically competent students, but also caring, secure, actively literate human beings.

This virtual book study allows participants to engage in book study activities each week on their own schedule – allowing you to pick a day of the week that works best for you and learn new strategies for the classroom!  EdModo  and Flipgrid will be used as our learning platform for the virtual book study.  All you need to participate is a device, access to the internet, and a copy of the book!  Don’t worry if you are not familiar with EdModo—it’s easy to learn and I will provide tutorials as we complete the book study.

Book Study Requirements:
- Activities before reading book
- Read one to two chapters a week and complete weekly reflection activities
- Engage online through EdModo and Flipgrid with your online book study PLC by asking/answering questions related to the chapter content
- Receive additional resources related to chapter/discussion content
- Post Book Activity- Final reflections

Begins: September 5
Ends: October 22

​There is no fee for participation.  Participants must purchase their own book.
Participation in this book study earns participants 24 professional development hours.

Limited to 15 participants.

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