Schedule a Background Check

Fingerprint Background Check

  • Fingerprinting is performed by appointment on a Livescan system.
  • Appointments last approximately 20 minutes.
  • Background check results are typically processed in one week, but in rare cases can take as long as eight weeks.
  • Cost: $55 (nonrefundable) payable at the time of the appointment.
  • Cash/Check/Debit or Credit Card are accepted forms of payment. (At this time our office does not accept American Express.)
  • Must bring current/valid driver’s license or government-issued state identification in order to be fingerprinted.

Cost: $55.00, payable at time of appointment

Student Teacher/Observer Fingerprinting

  • Appropriate paperwork must accompany the student teacher/observer for fingerprinting.
  • The superintendent of the supervising school district must sign the background check form.
  • Cost: $55 (nonrefundable) paid by student teacher/observer at the time of the appointment.
  • A copy of background check results will be sent to the supervising school district.