Detachment Annexation


The process of Detachment/Annexation of property from one school district to another (Boundary Change) is referenced in 105 Illinois Combined Statutes (ILCS 5/7). Individuals seeking to detach and annex their property from one school district to another must follow the procedures outlined in this section of the School Code.

In most cases, the procedures require the filing of a Petition with the Regional Superintendent of Schools and a Hearing before the Regional Board of School Trustees; a seven member elected body whose primary function is to grant or deny the request for a boundary change.

The territory to be detached must be contiguous to the school district to which one is requesting attachment.

Petition must:

  • be addressed to the Regional Board of School Trustees.
  • state the purpose of the petition.
  • include the full prayer of the petition at the top of each page.
  • contain a legal description of the territory in question.
  • give reasons for the boundary change.
  • filed with the Ex-Officio Secretary of the Regional Board of School Trustees (Jeff Vose).
  • include map of the territory to be detached.
  • state if there are any bond issues pending.
  • state if any non-high school territory will result.
  • list the names of all residents of legal voting age residing in the territory.
  • have the home address of each person who is included in the petition.
  • signed and dated by the petitioners.
  • include the original signed petition as well as sufficient copies for school districts.

The signed PETITIONERS FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY declaration must accompany the Petition at the time of filing.

A FILING FEE of $1,000.00 must be submitted with the Petition. This fee covers the initial costs associated with conducting the hearing (court reporter, hearing publication legal notice and other incidental expenditures). Upon completion of the Hearing, a detailed record of expenditures will be provided to the petitioner and monies not used shall be returned to the petitioner. Should the costs exceed the filing fee, the petitioner shall be billed.

LEGAL NOTICE must be published in newspaper.
HEARING date, time, and location before the Regional Board of School Trustees is set.
Petitioners may be represented by an attorney.
The Regional Board of School Trustees render a decision within 10 days of the Hearing.
ORDER is prepared when required by law.
Petitioners, school districts affected or residents who appeared at hearing may within 35 days, file a complaint for review.
If the petition is finalized after September 1, the effective date of the change would be July 1, of the following year.


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