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Implementing Schoolwide Mindfulness for Well-Being, Equity, and Inclusion AA #3692

This course os led by Matt Dewar and Gene Olsen of the nonprofit organization Coalition of Schools Educating Mindfully and is geared to K-12 school administrators, but other school educators are also encouraged to attend.  They recommend school wellness teams take this course together.  in this specially designed Administrator Academy, participants will become clear on what mindfulness is and is not.  They will learn the benefits of mindfulness, the supporting research, and research-based practices.  They will learn the most effective ways to integrate mindfulness in schools and classrooms, how mindfulness supports stress reduction, prevention of negative impacts of primary and secondary trauma, interrupts implicit bias, and cultivates empathy.  These factors enhance the creation of positive culture climate in schools, improving academic and more equitable outcomes in our schools.  Participants will explore and strategize how to integrate mindfulness into their K-12 school community in a way that honors its unique environment, culture, and goals.  Adaptations will also be shared for teaching mindfulness in a variety of special education settings.  

ROE Contact Person: Bill Lankey/Angie Durall

Administrator Academy Date: January 2, 2020; 8:00 am- 3:30 pm; Registration Deadline: December 26, 2019

Cost: $35.00 if not seeking Administrator Academy Credit.  If seeking Administrator Academy Credit, cost is $50.00

Class #: AA3692

Location: Crowne Plaza Hotel; 3000 South Dirksen Parkway, Springfield, IL 62703

To register, please visit: mindfulness-and-well-being-in-schools-start-here-aa3692

What Can Be Learned from Great Business, Military, Political, Social, and Sports Leaders (AAC#1782)

This leadership course will help participants review the characteristics of effective leadership, analyze the principles of leadership used by recognized leaders within business, military, political, social issues, and sports, and prepare a Developmental Application Plan to achieve success within their own educational setting.  Participants will be able to review leadership skills and qualities as demonstrated by leaders from the fields of business, military, politics, social issues, and sports, and be able to reflect upon the meaning and the application of those leadership principles and attributes to 21st Century real life school situations (PERA-teacher evaluation, school improvement, staff training and retention, motivating students and staff, parental involvement, and technology challenges.). This course is an updated version of AA #224 Developing Leadership Principles through Study of Great Leaders.  


ROE Contact Person: Bill Lamkey/Angie Durall

Administrator Academy date: May 19, 2020; 8:30AM-3:30 PM;  Registration deadline: May 12, 2020

Cost is $135 in Sangamon/Menard Counties; $150 for all others

Class No: a-200519

Location: Sangamon-Menard ROE Staff Development Center; Activity Room B (2ndFloor); 2201 Toronto Road (Exit #90 off I-55), Springfield

Presenters: Laurie McWard, Kathy Crum


To register, mail form and check to ROE-SDC Registration, 2201 Toronto Road, Suite A, Springfield, IL 62712-3803.  Please make checks payable to Sangamon ROE- SDC.  To pay with a credit or debit card, please click on the PayPal "Buy Now" link above (top right corner of this page.)