The Regional Office of Education met its goal of opening an alternative school that would meet the needs of the non-traditional and truant students from school districts in Sangamon County. SCLA has small class sizes which focus on cooperative and interactive learning strategies. SCLA serves truants, chronic truants, and dropouts. In order to attend SLCA a referral must be made from the home school counselors or principals. The program is designed so that students have the flexibility of either returning to their home school at the end of a semester, enrolling in both Capital Area Career Center and the alternative school and/or completing the alternative program and graduating from their home school.

SCLA is a grant funded program under the Truants’ Alternative and Optional Education Program (TAOEP). The TAOEP program is designed to offer modified instruction or other services designed to prevent students from dropping out of school.

To attend SCLA is a privilege, not a right. It is a voluntary program to help students regain credit and promote better attendance. Students must be referred by their home district and accepted by SCLA in order to attend.  Students at SCLA are expected to attend the program daily. There are certain rules and expectations both with attendance and behavior in order to remain enrolled in the program. If students cannot or do not intend to follow the attendance and behavior rules set by the program they are not good candidates for our SCLA. We expect the parents to support us in the rules set forth in the school handbook.

For further information contact the SCLA Principal, Julie Sullivan, jsullivan@roe51.org.

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